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Potential B2B lead database. Screen companies by revenue, profit, industry, location, age+. Download data in excel.

Credit Assessment

Make confident corporate credit decisions. Refer to financial statements, ratios, director, shareholder, auditor, rating, litigation, defaults+

Risk Assessment

Prevent corporate credit risk. Standalone & group performance, compliance, financial & profit manipulation test, news+

Customer On-boarding

Automated, friction & fraud free with API. Enrich company registration, KYC info & documents, financials, directors+

Due-Diligence & KYC

Increase speed, confidence & accuracy. Incorporation certificate, MoA/AoA, GST filings, audited financials report, ownership+

Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)

Find circular trading in companies, shell companies. Reach the ultimate owners of the company & explore company network.

MCA Struck-Off Search

Find MCA Company Struck-Off Status by Name, PAN, GSTIN or CIN. Bulk Search & API is available. Verify the company Status One-Time of Subscribe for Periodic Updates.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your user experience. Validate & pre-fill company profile & KYC data in your website, application or mobile app.

Cap Table or Funding Info

Know the valuation of any startup at the time of raising funds. Investor, shareholders info and know movement of shares.



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₹ 1500

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other services


(XBRL to Excel)

₹ 30

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MCA Company Search simplified for Struck-Off Companies

Finding struck-off companies is easy, faster, accurate & can be automated with InstaFinancials. Check MCA company status of your customers, vendors, shareholders, parent, subsidiary companies or related parties to comply with the disclosure requirement of struck-off companies.

  • Find MCA Company Status by Name or CIN or PAN or GSTIN
  • Find Struck-off Status of All Your Customers & Vendors in one go with our Bulk Search
  • Integrate & Automate MCA Company Status Search with our APIs
  • Put Your Status Check on Auto-pilot Mode with our CompanyStatusAlerts. Subscribe for CompanyStatusAlerts Service for 1 Year for all Your Customers & Get Period Status Alerts.

Why to Check The MCA Company Status?

Disclosure of transactions with companies struck off by Registrar of Companies ('RoC') under section 248 of the Act, or under section 560 of the Companies Act, 1956 is one of the disclosure requirements mandated by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The disclosure is applicable for financial statements of FY 21-22.

Vide this requirement MCA has made it mandatory to disclose the following information:

  • Name of the Struck Off Company
  • Nature of transaction with the Struck-off Company
  • Balance outstanding and relationship with the struck-off the company

Please view and download the notifications here

Nature of transaction that needs to be disclosed:

  • Investment in Securities
  • Receivables & Payables
  • Shares held by struck-off companies
  • Other outstanding balances (to be specified)

How to Check Company Struck Off Status?

collect information

Company Search
Search for the status of individual companies for free on InstaFinancials website.

collect information

Bulk Search
Share the list of your customers in excel and get the latest & accurate status in excel.

collect information

API Search
Integrate with our APIs to check and get instant, latest & accurate company status.

collect information

Subscribe for 1 year & get monthly update on status of your customers in excel automatically.

Why Choose InstaFinancials?

InstaFinancials is an award-winning Indian corporate information services startup incubated by SAP Labs & Accelerated by Axis Bank. InstaFinancials has been offering latest & accurate information about companies registered in India to various top financial institutions, non-financial institutions, corporate, firms, & Professionals.

We cover all OPC, LLP, Private & Public Limited Companies registered in India. Newly incorporated companies are added to our database on daily basis. InstatFinancials offers some of the following unique benefits:

Search by Company Name or CIN or PAN or GSTIN
We understand that you may not have the latest CIN number stored in your database. You can provide the company name as available in your database, we will help you find the company name as per MCA & map other unique identifiers such as CIN, PAN or GSTIN of the companies along with the latest & accurate status of the company.

collect information
collect information

Bulk Company Search
Share the list of companies in single excel & get the latest & accurate status of all companies in the excel. You can share only the company names or along with available CIN or PAN or GSTINs of your customers, vendors & other stakeholding companies to get the latest MCA Company Status.

Integrated & Automated Search
Integrate your application with our APIs to get the latest & accurate company status instantly by company name or CIN or PAN. Our APIs will help you get the MCA company status & registration data in JSON/XML format. You can get started with the integration in a few hours. Automate your company status check with InstaAPIs.

collect information
collect information

Company Status Alerts
Keep your customer & vendor company status up to date. CompanyStatusAlerts is an unique offering that helps you stay informed about the latest company status of your customers and vendors on periodic basis. You can subscribe for CompanyStatusAlerts for 1 year period for all your customers and get monthly updates along with the latest & accurate status on your email.

How to Subscribe for CompanyStatusAlerts?

Universal PDF

Share the list of companies

Effortless Sharing

We will Configure Company Status Alerts

Delivered within 3 Hours

Get Monthly Status Alerts in Mailbox


One Time Company Status Check

₹ 1 to 5 Per Company

Applicable for Bulk Search & API Search.
Discuss with us for volume based discount.

Annual Subscription of CompanyStatusAlerts

₹ 10 to 50 Per Company Per Year

Applicable for Annual Subscription of Company Status Alerts.
Discuss with us for discount.

If you are a professional and wish to offer this service to your customers, please contact us for partner pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions Find relevant answers to your questions regarding Struck Off Companies

InstaFinancials will help you map the company as available with you with the respective & accurate MCA company name & CIN number. If you have the company name or PAN or GSTIN of the company, we can help you find the MCA Company name and CIN to get the latest and accurate status of the company.

Yes, you can share the data of all companies in excel and get latest & accurate company status in excel.

The turnaround time will depend on the volume and availability of MCA Service. Upto 5K companies data can be expected in a couple of working days. Please discuss your requirement with us for the turnaround time.

We have been offering services to most of the banks, NBFCs, large corporate in India since 2016. We are incubated by SAP Labs and Accelerated by Axis Bank. We assure you that the data you share with us is highly confidential.

We will update the information of all your companies post your order confirmation. Hence the information will be latest. We will share the timestamp of the record along with the data for future reference.

Our CompanyStatusAlerts service helps you monitor the status of your customers and vendors. You can get monthly update on the list of companies that get struck off, companies that change the company name or CIN or Registered office address.