Beware of fake companies. Check company legal name and verify company registration details for FREE.

View Latest Company Master Data of all Private & Public Limited companies with additional unique insights at great ease. InstaBasic enables you to check company registration details, CIN, company registration number, legal or registered company name, registered address and other MCA21 company master data, industry classification and more.

Apart from Company Master Data, InstaBasic provides instant access to updated list of company present directors, DIN, past directors, appointment date of company directors, present company signatory and past company signatory detail. InstaFinancials is the first platform in India to provide Director Disqualification Status along with Master Data in single page.

Fintech or Enterprise Applications can use InstaBasic (API) to pre-fill company profile. B2B Companies can use InstaBasic to update your customer master data, enrich your existing database with accurate company registration details.

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Content in InstaBasic Report

InstaBasic includes CIN, Incorporation Date, Company Status, Past & Current Director’s details, Industry Classification along with Related Party.

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Benefits of InstaBasic

Find Fake Company
Verify Company details to know if a company is genuine or fake. If a company claims to be a registered company, you can check the registration details of the company through InstaBasic.
Disqualified Directors
InstaFinancials is the first platform in India to provide Director Disqualification along with company master data in single page view. Beware of disqualified directors and their associated companies.
Customer Profile
Knowing Your Customer is most important thing for any business development professional. Review company master data to profile your corporate customer before going for meeting. Be informed and Win More Deals.

New Business Opportunities
You can create more business opportunities by viewing potential related parties of any company in InstaBasic, it helps you to get access to additional companies to target and increase your business.
Know Your Company
You can check your company status, latest balance sheet date, company registration details before joining any company and stay up to date to prevent being trapped in struck or fake companies.
Data Enrichment
Keeping your customers information accurate and updated is a challenge these days. Enrich your data with updated, accurate and authentic company registration details of your customers, suppliers & vendors.

InstaBasic Report - How to Video?

View the following video to understand what is InstaBasic, how to view or download InstaBasic report and benefits of InstaBasic.



Features of InstaBasic

API Access
Pre-fill your registration forms in any FinTech or Enterprise or CRM or any B2B Applications. You can access InstaBasic information in JSON or XML format get instant response.
100% Free
You can view or download unlimited InstaBasic company information for free. You will get company master data and director details of all 1.8 million companies in India for free.
Latest & Instant
View any private or public company registration details, company status, company director details instantly. Use update button to see latest information from MCA21 Master Data.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s also available in MCA for FREE, why should we come to InstaFinancials?
Once you start using it you will agree with us and advocate about us that our platform is easy, convenient and much more informative. You can search company name and view company registration details instantly along with potential related parties and director disqualification status in single page.

What is Director Capitalization?
Director Capitalization is an indicator of what size of a company a director is associated with. Total paid-up capital of companies where the director has directorship is considered as capitalization of the director. A higher amount of director capitalization indicates that the company is a large and well-to-do company.

Can I find Director’s disqualification status in InstaBasic?
DIN Disqualification reason of 3+Million directors is available in InstaBasic.

Can I get latest Company Status in InstaBasic?
DIN Disqualification reason of 3+Million directors is available in InstaBasic.

In MCA we always find the latest information. Is it updated here? How frequently do you update?
You can always find the latest information here as well and you can use update button to see the information as is in MCA after referring to the last update date.

How do I update company information?
To get the latest updated information of a company, once you are in the company page you will find an Update button on the top right side of the dashboard. Click the same to update the company registration details.

Can I get bulk companies InstaBasic in Excel?
Yes, you can get bulk companies information in Excel, with minimal charges.

Can I get information of unlimited companies for market research and product testing?
Yes, we use smart filters and provide you information according to your desired variables.

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