InstaDetailed is our core offering and the most comprehensive report we make as on date for any Private or Public Limited company.

InstaDetailed report comprises of company incorporation details, ownership and shareholders information, financial statements that includes latest 3 year profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, financial ratios, schedules, auditor information with their remarks and CARO report, Company Charges Information, credit rating, employment trend, and much more.

Many Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporate, companies, professionals, Consultants, use our reports for the credit decisions, customer analysis, vendor analysis and competitor analysis.
Rs 599 + Taxes

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Features of InstaDetailed
Delivered within 1 Working Day
Report will be prepared, verified and delivered within 1 working day. The report will be delivered in InstaFinancials login and user can view or download the report at any time from any PC.
Financial Statements
Get Latest 3 year Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements, Financial ratios and schedule breakup are part of our InstaDetailed reports
Ownership and Shareholding
Ownership, List of Share Holders with their percentage of shares they are holding, Parent and Subsidiary Company Information, Related parties and potentially related parties insights are part of InstaDetailed report.

Credit Rating
The credit rating information provided by any of the 6 leading credit rating agencies, with the credit rating, term and date of rating will be provided as a part of report.
Charges Search Report
Charges are classified under open, closed and future charges. There will be a detailed search report about each charge open charge which provides in depth information about all open charges.
Download PDF or Excel
You can download the company report in both PDF and Excel format. The InstaDetailed report will be available up to 1 year in your login.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get InstaDetailed report only for Listed or Public Limited Companies?
Reports are not limited only to Public Limited Companies. We provide InstaDetailed report for Private Limited and Public Limited (Listed and Unlisted) Companies registered under Companies Act 2013.

Can I have a subscription pricing with unlimited company access?
Such option is not viable. However, we are offering subscription model for InstaSummary report. With the subscription model, you can view almost all the active company financial summary information.

How reliable is the financials mentioned in the report?
Company financial information such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash flow Statements and all other financial data is obtained from Ministry of Corporate Affairs website. You can obtain InstaCombo report to cross verify the original financial statements, with the public documents submitted by the company to MCA. Every information mentioned in the report is obtained from most reliable sources. You can cross verify any information from the respective domains.

Will I get credit rating, financial and other information for all companies?
The information will be provided on best effort basis. As not all the companies are rated, you cannot expect the rating information for all companies. Similarly, all other information is subject to availability in the respective domains.

Can we get the company public documents along with the report?
As a part of our InstaCombo report, you can get a InstaDetailed report and complete set of company public documents.

Will I get free updates of the report?
Every update is considered as separate report. We offer a bundled price along with multiple updates. Please connect with our sales team at +91 7879 776 776 for more information on this.

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