Lead Database

Potential B2B lead database. Screen companies by revenue, profit, industry, location, age+. Download data in excel.

Credit Assessment

Make confident corporate credit decisions. Refer to financial statements, ratios, director, shareholder, auditor, rating, litigation, defaults+

Risk Assessment

Prevent corporate credit risk. Standalone & group performance, compliance, financial & profit manipulation test, news+

Customer On-boarding

Automated, friction & fraud free with API. Enrich company registration, KYC info & documents, financials, directors+

Due-Diligence & KYC

Increase speed, confidence & accuracy. Incorporation certificate, MoA/AoA, GST filings, audited financials report, ownership+

Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)

Find circular trading in companies, shell companies. Reach the ultimate owners of the company & explore company network.

MCA Struck-Off Search

Find MCA Company Struck-Off Status by Name, PAN, GSTIN or CIN. Bulk Search & API is available. Verify the company Status One-Time of Subscribe for Periodic Updates.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your user experience. Validate & pre-fill company profile & KYC data in your website, application or mobile app.

Cap Table or Funding Info

Know the valuation of any startup at the time of raising funds. Investor, shareholders info and know movement of shares.



₹ 0 - 15

per company


₹ 69

per company


₹ 299

per company


₹ 599

per company


₹ 699

per company


₹ 799

per company


₹ 1500

per company

Director Legal

₹ 299

per director

other services


(XBRL to Excel)

₹ 30

per company



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Make Your Credit Decisions 10x Confident & Faster

Brisk empowers you to reduce business and corporate credit risk effortlessly with advanced data analytics & actionable insights.

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Insta Brisk Report

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  • Sentiment
  • Red Flags
  • Peers
  • Industry
  • Risk Score
  • Compliance
  • Network
  • Financials

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OVERVIEW Extensive Information

Brisk is the most extensive Business and Risk Analysis of Indian Companies.

Brisk offers extensive information that empowers you to act 10x confident.

Search for Information
50+ Public Repositories
700+ Regulators,
Tribunals & Courts
1+ Crore Records
3000+ Documents & Pages
1 Brisk Report

FEATURES Exclusive Insights

Brisk report includes many exclusive actionable insights that empowers you to act 10x faster

Red Flags

Points out the financial and non-financial trouble areas in a company's performance.

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News & Sentiment Analysis

Identifies social sentiment toward a company through the latest news & sentiment analysis

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Risk Score Illustration

Risk Scoring Models

4 Risk Scoring models to understand the financial strength, financial distress, & profit manipulation

Compliance Matrix

Latest compliance status relating to RoC annual return & GST return filing

Compliance Illustration

5 Year Financials, 28 Financial Ratios, Company Network, Parent, Subsidiary and Related Party Information expect and, much, more

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Brisk is the first report in the industry to offer modular pricing and freedom to create your own tailor made Brisk reports.

Control Your Spend

Don’t pay for something that you don’t need. Harness the power of our modular pricing to choose what you want and pay only for what you choose.

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Build your own Brisk report from the extensive information offered by us. Create a tailor made report within a few minutes.

One Report For All Functions

Build various reports to address varying requirements of different functions of your organization. Start or Stop subscribing for any custom made report any point of time.

USE CASES What Can You Do with Brisk

Confidently assess your current business relationships or the one which will come up next.

Customer Profiling

Customer Onboarding

Credit Assessment

Annual Risk Monitoring

Competitor Analysis


Strategic Partnership

Mergers & Acquisitions

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