Lead Database

Potential B2B lead database. Screen companies by revenue, profit, industry, location, age+. Download data in excel.

Credit Assessment

Make confident corporate credit decisions. Refer to financial statements, ratios, director, shareholder, auditor, rating, litigation, defaults+

Risk Assessment

Prevent corporate credit risk. Standalone & group performance, compliance, financial & profit manipulation test, news+

Customer On-boarding

Automated, friction & fraud free with API. Enrich company registration, KYC info & documents, financials, directors+

Due-Diligence & KYC

Increase speed, confidence & accuracy. Incorporation certificate, MoA/AoA, GST filings, audited financials report, ownership+

Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)

Find circular trading in companies, shell companies. Reach the ultimate owners of the company & explore company network.

MCA Struck-Off Search

Find MCA Company Struck-Off Status by Name, PAN, GSTIN or CIN. Bulk Search & API is available. Verify the company Status One-Time of Subscribe for Periodic Updates.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your user experience. Validate & pre-fill company profile & KYC data in your website, application or mobile app.

Cap Table or Funding Info

Know the valuation of any startup at the time of raising funds. Investor, shareholders info and know movement of shares.



₹ 0 - 15

per company


₹ 69

per company


₹ 299

per company


₹ 599

per company


₹ 699

per company


₹ 799

per company


₹ 1500

per company

Director Legal

₹ 299

per director

other services


(XBRL to Excel)

₹ 30

per company



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Approve your retail loans 10x faster

InstaCategorizer helps categorize companies seamlessly so you can make
quick & confident decisions on retail loan approvals

Data from InstaFinancials Apply Bank's Algorithm Categorized Companies A B C D Incorporation Financial Directors Credit rating Employee trend Company

Our Happy Customers

YES Bank

What is InstaCategorizer ?

When approving a retail loan, apart from the CIBIL score and details of the applicant it becomes crucial to ascertain the employer’s credibility to be able to make a much more informed decision. That can be done by conducting a financial health check on applicant’s employer.

InstaCategorizer is a unique offering from InstaFinancials to tackle (employer) company categorization process inefficiencies in retail lending. It empowers financial institutions to automate their retail lending decision process by offering information on their target companies’ financial performance, age, directors, charges, credit rating, EPF details and other decision critical information. All they have to do is apply their categorization rules to categorize the companies into the appropriate categories.

InstaCategorizer makes it possible to achieve reduced operating costs, shorter turnaround time, transparency in decision making and improved customer experience.

What more is required to make lending decisions without lags and fails? Getting to know how it works for you. 😊

Over 7 lakh companies have been categorized

100+ companies are categorized per day with the help of InstaCategorizer

How It Works

  • 1

    Identify list of target companies

  • 2

    Share list of company names in CSV/Excel

  • 3

    InstaFinancials enriches data and delivers CSV/Excel

  • 4

    Apply categorization algorithm

  • 5

    Generate list of pre-categorized companies

  • 1

    Get retail loan request

  • 2

    If employer is not pre-categorized, fetch data from InstaFinancials

  • 3

    Apply categorization algorithm

  • 4

    Categorize the employer / company

  • 5

    Convey your decision on retail loan within stipulated tim

  • 1

    Identify list of pre-categorized companies

  • 2

    Get latest financial and other key information from InstaFinancials

  • 3

    Apply categorization algorithm

  • 4

    Re-categorize based on new data points

How Will It Benefit You

Reduced Cost of Categorizing

Forgo the need for running new loan evaluation process each time. You can use data aggregation and algorithmic model for company categorization.

Improved Customer Acquisition

Create superior customer experiences by cutting the loan processing time. Disburse more loans to achieve profitable business results.

Transparency in Decisions

Keep your company categorization free from manipulations. Cross-check your decisions anytime with traces of information and algorithm.

Key Features

Authentic Data

You can access the latest data of over 8 Lakh Indian companies aggregated from the most trusted sources verifiable in the public domain. You can answer any audit query with confidence.

Highly Customizable

You can choose the data points or the format you wish to consume. Be it financial or non-financial information, we can quickly adapt to specific requirements and delivery schedules.

Quick Turnaround Time

You can reduce company categorizing time to 30 minutes or even less, which usually takes almost 3 days manually. We can boast of delivering data of 3 lakh companies within a week.

Choose Your Mode

Bulk Mode

We have enabled one of the leading private banks to categorize over 3 Lakh companies in a week’s time. Categorize companies for the first time or annually, all at once.

Data Formats CSV/Excel (Download Sample)
TAT Based on the volume & customization

Retail Mode

100+ companies are categorized per day with the help of InstaCategorizer. Get data for any new company as and when you get a loan request, categorize it instantly.

Data Formats PDF (Download Sample)
TAT Instant

Over 7 lakh companies have been categorized

100+ companies are categorized per day with the help of InstaCategorizer

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Reach out to our sales team.

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