Lead Database

Potential B2B lead database. Screen companies by revenue, profit, industry, location, age+. Download data in excel.

Credit Assessment

Make confident corporate credit decisions. Refer to financial statements, ratios, director, shareholder, auditor, rating, litigation, defaults+

Risk Assessment

Prevent corporate credit risk. Standalone & group performance, compliance, financial & profit manipulation test, news+

Customer On-boarding

Automated, friction & fraud free with API. Enrich company registration, KYC info & documents, financials, directors+

Due-Diligence & KYC

Increase speed, confidence & accuracy. Incorporation certificate, MoA/AoA, GST filings, audited financials report, ownership+

Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)

Find circular trading in companies, shell companies. Reach the ultimate owners of the company & explore company network.



₹ 0 - 15

per company


₹ 69

per company


₹ 299

per company


₹ 599

per company


₹ 699

per company


₹ 799

per company


₹ 1500

per company

Director Legal

₹ 299

per director

other services


(XBRL to Excel)

₹ 30

per company



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Worried About Your Weak Sales Funnel?

Are you still relying on expensive marketing channels to generate good quality leads? Frustrated with junk contacts from database sellers?

Strengthen Your B2B Sales Funnel with InstaScreener. Screen your prospects using financial and non-financial parameters on existing companies and get qualified list of companies along with financial summary & high quality contact information.

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OVERVIEW What is InstaScreener

InstaScreener is service that helps you strengthen your B2B sales funnel. InstaScreener is the only tool in India that enables you to screen companies on accurate financial, demographical, geographic, industry, credit rating, charges and other parameters to arrive at the most potential prospects for your business.

Companies Covered




OPC, LLP, Private & Public Limited Indian Companies



Financial Summary of Private & Public Companies


Industries, States, Cities, Age, Charges, Credit Rating and More

HOW How It Works

Get Hundreds, Thousands, and Lakhs of Prospects in Few Clicks.


Screen Companies

Screen the companies you are looking for from a wide range of filters

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Select Companies

Select either all or some of the filtered list of companies. Use slide to modify your selection.

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Select Output

Select the output based on your budget and need. Optimize your cost of contact.

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Pay & Download

An Easy & Secure payment and get qualified list of companies on mail.

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OUTPUT Choose Your Output?

Once filters are applied, you can choose among any of the 3 output formats based on your need and budget.




Price Range

₹ 3 - ₹ 15 / Company
₹ 50 - ₹ 69 / Company
Contact Sales

Company Master



Date of Incorporation

Address, City, State, PIN


Last AGM & B/S Date

Paid Up Capital (₹ IN LAKHS)

Director & KMP

Director Name

Director DIN

Appointment Date


Contact Info


Charge ID

Creation Date

Modification Date

Charge Holder

Charge Holder Address

Charge Amount(₹ In Lakhs)

Financials Summary (Latest 3 Years)

Paid Up Capital (₹ In Lakhs)


Total Income

Profit Before Tax (Loss)

Profit (Loss)

Credit Rating Summary


Long Term Ratings

Latest Rating Status

Rating Date


EPFs Summary(InActuals)

EPF Employee Count Total

EPF Wage Month

EPF Amount Paid Total

Other Data Points

GST Compliance, Shareholding, Auditors, Related Parties, Legal etc.

Price Range

₹ 3 - ₹ 15 / Company
₹ 50 - ₹ 69 / Company
Contact Sales

FEATURES Why InstaScreener

The Only Tool Offering Exclusive Filters on All Private & Public Limited Companies

Total Income or Revenue

Screen on the Total Income or Revenue of any of the latest 3 financial years. Give a custom range or select from the default options to get the most potential leads.


Screen on the profit before tax of any of the latest 3 financial years. Give a custom range or select from the default options to get the most potential leads.

Latest 3 FY

Financial filters such as Total Income & Profit Before tax can be applied on any of the latest 3 financial years starting from FY16-17 to FY18-19.


Choose your favourite Industry and Sub-Industry or select all Industries. Reach the right target vertical that has high potential and demand for your offerings.


Screen the companies by State & City


Screen the companies by Age, Status, Classification


Charge Holder, Charge Amount, Charge Status

Credit Rating

Screen by Rating Agency, Rating Value

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