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InstaSummary covers three years latest key financial elements, such as total revenue, expenditure, net worth, profit before tax, and after tax, paid up capital, authorized capital. InstaSummary also covers key insights related to credit rating, RBI Defaulters list, suite field cases, employment trend and director details.

Users can screen our InstaSummary report, to arrive at the most qualified list of corporate in India. The filter can be applied in combination of financial data, credit rating, age of the company, location and others.

Some of the most popular uses of InstaSummary are for business development teams for B2B companies, company pre-categorization for financial institutions, data enrichment for B2B company, competitor analysis etc.
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Features of InstaSummary
Instant Delivery
InstaSummary report delivery is 100% automated and delivered Instantly. User can simply search for the company, order and access the report without any waiting period.
Financial Summary
Get latest 3 year revenue, expenditure, turnover, net worth, profit, tax, capital information of any company in India. Filters can be applied on the financial parameter to arrived at your qualified list.
Credit Rating
Credit Rating, RBI Defaulter List, Suite Fieled cases and employment trend is also include as a part of the report and the filters can be applied on any of these elements.

Screen Data
Create your qualified funnel of companies by applying smart filters on financial parameters and non financial parameters on all the 16 Lakh companies available in our platform.
Download PDF or Excel
Report for Individual companies can be provided in PDF or Excel format and information of multiple companies can be provided in excel format. The elements of the report is open for customization.
Configure Template
You can pick and choose the elements of InstaSummary report and customize the template of the out file.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I validate the availability of Info?
Yes. You can validate the availability of information before placing the order.

Can I apply filters based on credit rating?
Yes. User can apply filter on credit rating data, financial, geo graphical elements. e.g. You can find the list of companies which are bbb+ or better rated companies, between 10 cr to 1000 cr total revenue and with registered office in Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore etc.

Can I get sample data before I make a bulk purchase?
Yes. We can provide the sample data and format of InstaSummary report for delivery of bulk data.

If we have list of company names, do you help with the InstaSummary data?
Yes. You can simply provide the company names, we will clean the company names, find valid CIN and enrich all InstaSummary data for the list provided to us.

Can we get the data in API?
Yes. We provide the InstaSummary data in API vide our InstaDaaS. This information can be integrated with any web application to have a seamless access to the data.

For more information, please visit to http://support.instafinancials.com/portal/kb
Please contact our support team at
  +91 7879 776 776or InstaDora@InstaFinancials.com