CMM Courts, Hyderabad - M

Case Details

Case Type CC
Filing Number 700439/2018 Filing Date 31-08-2012
Registration Number 700439/2018 Registration Date 24-09-2018
CNR Number TSHM010131342018

Case Status

First Hearing Date 22nd November 2018
Court Number and Judge 7-VI Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate

Petitioner - Petitioner Details

M/s BEML ltd rep by Pamu Harsha Vardhan

1) M/s BEML ltd rep by Pamu Harsha Vardhan

Respondent - Respondent Details

K. Raghava Reddy

1) K. Raghava Reddy2) M. Aja Babu    3) C. Anki Reddy    4) C. Mukunda Reddy    5) Midwest Granite Pvt Ltd repy by K. Raghava Reddy    6) M/s Reliance Granites Pvt Ltd rep by K. Raghava Reddy    


Under Act(s)Under Section(s)
INDIAN PENAL CODE403,406, 408,418,420r/w120-B

History of Case Hearing

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