District and Sessions Court Ernakulam

Case Details

Case Type AOP
Filing Number 101509/2019 Filing Date 03-06-2019
Registration Number 100154/2019 Registration Date 03-06-2019
CNR Number KLER010028852019

Case Status

First Hearing Date 10th June 2019
Court Number and Judge 4-Seventh Addl. District and Sessions Judge

Petitioner - Petitioner Details

M/s.BEML Ltd.

1) M/s.BEML Ltd.   Advocate- SUNIL NAIR PALAKKAT

Respondent - Respondent Details

M/s.URC Constructions Pvt.Ltd.

1) M/s.URC Constructions Pvt.Ltd.


Under Act(s)Under Section(s)
Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 199634

History of Case Hearing

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