JAYDIP KAR - DIN : 00308552


JAYDIP KAR bearing DIN: 00308552 is holding active directorship in 3 Companies. The total paid up capital of all companies where JAYDIP KAR holds active directorship is Rs ₹89,85,300.00 ( ₹89.85 Lakhs ). Out of 3 Companies where JAYDIP KAR holds directorship 3 is/are active and 2 are inactive for various reasons.

JAYDIP KAR bearing DIN: 00308552 is not Disqualified by ROC u/s 164(2) and DIN is not deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC Form.

JAYDIP KAR had directorship in 2 Inactive Companies.

The first company JAYDIP KAR was appointed as Director is TURBO SOFT-TEK PRIVATE LIMITED and the most recent directorship is with INTECH GREEN TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

Director Summary Table

Director Detail

Name JAYDIP KAR DIN 00308552
Designation Director Appointment Date 01-02-2018
Capitalization ₹89,85,300.00 ( ₹89.85 Lakhs ) Total Directorships 5

Director Status

Disqualified u/s 164(2) No DIN Deactivated No